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Sven Moritz Hallberg
Software Development und Security Analysis


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Applied scientist of insecurity and freelance programmer. Cryptologist by night.

Open source developer, widespread experience with various technologies and programming languages. Especially interested in the principles of reliable construction of complex systems, languages and language-theoretic approaches, formal logic, as well as distributed and cryptographic systems.

In the free time a swimmer, radio amateur, and general nerd.

Parsers, Protocols, Cryptography, Zero Knowledge, LangSec, Formal Verification, Security Analysis, Code Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Microcontrollers


Programming Languages:
C, C++, Haskell, Go, Tcl, Lisp, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R, Scala, Java, etc.
Operating Systems:
OpenBSD, Linux
x86, AMD64, AVR, MSP430, TIS-100, ARM, 8051
TCP/IP, pf, sh, awk, BGP, DNP3, OpenGL, CORBA, etc.
Spoken Languages:
German (native), English (fluent), French (basics)

Professional Experience

2012- Software Development and Security Analysis
2015-2020 Research Assistant
Institute for Security in Distributed Applications
Hamburg University of Technology
2009-2012 Software Developer
PRESENSE Technologies GmbH
2006-2008 Student Assistant
Helmut-Schmidt University, Theoretical Electrical Engineering Group
2003-2005 Student Assistant
University of Hamburg, AI Lab


2015- Doctoral studies
Institute for Security in Distributed Applications
Hamburg University of Technology
2003-2015 Diplom (Master-level degree) in Mathematics, focus Cryptography
University of Hamburg
2001-2005 Student of Computer Science
University of Hamburg


The Seven Turrets of Babel: A Taxonomy of LangSec Errors and How to Expunge Them
Falcon Momot, Sergey Bratus, Sven M. Hallberg, Meredith L. Patterson
Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Industrial Control System Security Workshop, 2016

Implementing a Vertically Hardened DNP3 Control Stack for Power Applications
Sergey Bratus, Adam J. Crain, Sven M. Hallberg, et al.
IEEE Cybersecurity Development (SecDev), 2016

Identification Schemes from Restricted Collision-Resistant Linear Hash Functions
Supervised thesis, Department of Mathematics, University of Hamburg


Chaos Computer Club
Motorschiff Stubnitz
Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club
Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft



Reference letters available upon request